Optimum Smile Construction: Mouth Jewelry Risks

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Your oral health care should not be taken lightly. This is especially true with any lifestyle habits you have. Although it is highly effective to always brush and floss your teeth, several forms of dental damage can arise due to issues outside of oral health care. One such issue that is known for causing several oral health ailments is mouth jewelry.

Mouth jewelry is often placed in an individual’s mouth as a form of self-expression. Through the use of lip and tongue rings, individuals can often have a boost with their self-esteem and have a sense of a more positive self-image. However, there are risks involved with mouth jewelry, as they can lead to a downturn in oral health and even damage your teeth and gums.

Because lip and tongue rings are often made out of hard products, they can easily swing around in your mouth and cause your teeth to chip and crack. They can also lacerate your gums and make you prone to infections. If that wasn’t enough, these parts are often known for breaking away and causing instant choking hazards that could put your life in danger. Other common risks associated with mouth jewelry include oral inflammation, allergic reactions, and burst blood vessels. Even the act of inserting mouth jewelry can cause permanent nerve damage.

Be aware that cleaning your mouth when mouth jewelry is in place is often more difficult. This is because daily cleaning routines are less effective when trying to move around the jewelry, which acts as a form of roadblock to brushing and flossing routines.

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