Mouthguards: Making Sports Safe Again

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Thousands of serious mouth injuries occur every year due to sports, and the fact that the unfortunate victim wasn’t wearing a tooth protecting mouthguard.

While it may not be shocking to most people that sporting events are responsible for most mouth and teeth related injuries. It probably is somewhat surprising to hear that nearly half of all sports related mouth injuries come out of basketball and baseball. Mouthguards are not a mandatory part of play for these sports.

Wearing a mouthguard greatly reduces the number of dental and jaw injuries in sports. There are even credible reports that mouthguards can reduce the incidence of concussions caused by an upward blow to the chin, absorbing the force driving the jaw into the base of the skull. Much in the same way, a mouthguard protects the front teeth by dispersing violent energy coming from a frontal blow.

When a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth it is called an avulsed tooth. If immediately and firmly put back in, those teeth may be saved. Sporting accidents that break the tooth may require root canal therapy.

Mouthguard Safety:
-Keeps teeth from coming into contact with each other, stopping cracks, chips and breaks.
-Absorbs force between the upper and lower jaw.
-Can stop a forced jaw concussions whereby the jaw is jammed into the base of the skull.
-Keeps cuts and bruises from the mouths and lips.
-Defends against jaw dislocation

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