A Partial Denture Might Be Able to Replicate Multiple Extracted Teeth

Some cases of untreated tooth decay or dental trauma are so severe that whatever remains of the teeth needs to be extracted to alleviate discomfort and prevent a potentially dangerous infection in the underlying gums. When two or more teeth are lost in a specific area it can also compromise... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Success: Toothbrushing for Kids

Are you aware of proper habits and techniques to employ for brushing your child's teeth? If you have not already done so, begin setting forth an effective oral hygiene routine that includes brushing your child's teeth twice every day. As soon as the first tooth begins to appear, which commonly... Read more »

Understanding Dental Veneers

If you are taking the time to improve your oral health care, go for routine cleanings to your dentist and your oral health is in good order, it may be time to look for ways to add visual upgrades to your smile. By visually enhancing your smile, you can drastically... Read more »

Got a Cavity? Try Calcium, Phosphates and Fluoride

If you notice a strange white spot on one or more of your teeth, that could be the start of a cavity. You can visit with the dentist to see if this really is the case and get some help treating it. If you do have to wait before you... Read more »

Optimum Smile Construction: Mouth Jewelry Risks

Your oral health care should not be taken lightly. This is especially true with any lifestyle habits you have. Although it is highly effective to always brush and floss your teeth, several forms of dental damage can arise due to issues outside of oral health care. One such issue that... Read more »

Mouthguards: Making Sports Safe Again

Thousands of serious mouth injuries occur every year due to sports, and the fact that the unfortunate victim wasn’t wearing a tooth protecting mouthguard. While it may not be shocking to most people that sporting events are responsible for most mouth and teeth related injuries. It probably is somewhat surprising... Read more »

Tips for a Successful Routine Dental Appointment

Do you want a successful dental appointment when you come to Maple Ridge Dental? If so, our dentist, Dr. Melissa Wolfe, is happy to help you. Our dental team wants you to have the best experience in our dental chair, and we’re willing to do what it takes to help... Read more »

Your Dental Crown Can Be Made From One of These Four Materials

If you are researching your options in choosing a material for dental crowns, you have probably noticed the wide variety of options. It’s important to choose a dental crown material that complements your cosmetic and functional preferences. Our dentist can recommend four choices of material--porcelain, metal, porcelain fused with metal,... Read more »

Gum Disease Can Affect Your Dental and General Health

Gum disease is a chronic gum infection and subsequent inflammation that develops as a result of tartar lingering on the gum line. It can also be exacerbated by some medical conditions and the use of tobacco. When you understand how gum disease can affect your dental and general health, you... Read more »

Learning Oral Health Facts on Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

  Your smile can be damaged at any time and is often at risk for numerous lifestyle choices and habits you may partake in. Even though we often may not think of the long-term risks on our teeth, we realize that short-term risks can occur as well as they can... Read more »