Are Composite Fillings Right for Your Cavity?

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Not only are cavities unhealthy and painful, they can also be unsightly if they in a tooth that can be easily seen by other people. If your filling does not not blend in with your tooth, you might feel uncomfortable in work and social situations. While fillings made of gold or an amalgam are durable, and are ideal for molars or premolars that need support for chewing, they don’t match your tooth surface very well.

Composite or tooth-colored fillings have become very popular in recent years. Part of the reason that people like composite fillings is because they bond directly to the surface of your tooth. But the real reason for their popularity is because the composite, which is a mixture of powdered glass and an acrylic resin can be shaded to match the surface of your tooth, making your filling virtually unnoticeable to others.

After removing the decayed tooth material, the dentist will clean and dry the tooth. The dentist will mix the composite to match your tooth color. Then, the composite will be placed in the cavity. This is done in layers. The tooth must be kept dry during the process and each layer must be cured before the next one can be applied. This makes the process of placing a composite filling longer than for other types.

All fillings need to be replaced over time, and your dentist will examine your filling during your routine appointments. To make sure that your filling lasts, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. Your composite filling can be stained, so you should keep that in mind when you plan your menus!

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