A Tooth That Has Lost a Dental Filling Is at Risk of a Severe Dental Fracture

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A dental filling is often used to repair a chip, small cavity, minor dental attrition, or another type of minor physical imperfection that is limited to the tooth’s enamel layer. While they are meant to last a long time, it is none the less possible for a dental filling to eventually degrade its relationship to the neighboring tooth enamel.

Sometimes a change in texture, color, or growing discomfort will herald a distressed dental filling. Yet there are also times when a dental filling will simply disassociate from the tooth enamel and follow out when you’re chewing gum or eating a meal.

Should this happen to you, you should not delay in seeking treatment from an experienced dentist like Dr. Melissa Wolfe. The longer you delay the more likely the tooth is to suffer a significant dental fracture. This could cause severe pain and call for more invasive treatments.

If the compromised dental filling was large or multiple dental surfaces have been compromised. Melissa Wolfe might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. This mode of treatment will create a nearly perfect replica of the tooth enamel layer in an alternate material.

After removing the remaining tooth enamel and preparing an abutment Dr. Melissa Wolfe will make an impression. This will be sent to the dental lab where your dental crown will be created. When it’s ready, Dr. Melissa Wolfe will cement it in place to fully restore the tooth and the proper function of your mouth.

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