A Partial Denture Might Be Able to Replicate Multiple Extracted Teeth

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Some cases of untreated tooth decay or dental trauma are so severe that whatever remains of the teeth needs to be extracted to alleviate discomfort and prevent a potentially dangerous infection in the underlying gums. When two or more teeth are lost in a specific area it can also compromise the local bone structure which might counter-indicate a dental implant restoration.

An individual with a mouth in this condition should consider scheduling an appointment with a dentists like Dr. Melissa Wolfe to further explore their dental restoration options. In many of these cases she can provide the patient with removable partial denture. The oral appliance can effectively replicate the basic function of the extracted teeth.

Many partial dentures also incorporate small hardware components to help marry the unit to the natural teeth that neighbor the void. The pink base will also closely match the structural shape of your gums. However, many partial denture users also like to to apply a little denture adhesive for added hold.

If food particles manage to infiltrate the base, you should remove the denture and rinse it clean. The base should then be dried before applying a fresh bead of denture adhesive and installing it back into your mouth.

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